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October 2015

Compliance in Manufacturing


Meeting compliance objectives without compromising performance is a challenge for many automakers. This is especially the case for those tasked with the challenge of redesigning automotive systems to meet emissions standards. Automakers are being forced to revisit every aspect of their production process as concerns about transparency grow as a part of the major testing scandal. Both the US and the European Union continue to react to news of the latest testing emissions scandal.

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Dixien Begins Phase One of Facility Upgrades


We at Dixien have planned a series of upgrades to expand our production capabilities to better serve the needs of our customers. With an emphasis on energy efficiency and productivity, we anticipate tremendous savings for our customers. Our first of many projects involves the acquisition of the Sarac injection molding machine. Continue reading “Dixien Begins Phase One of Facility Upgrades”

Alex Garcia Discusses the Future of Innovation


Dixien, LLC has been selected as a featured company for MBDA Business Center website in celebration of the upcoming Manufacturing Day. Each year in October, Manufacturing Day celebrates companies like Dixien and the longstanding heritage of manufacturing in the US. As an automotive parts manufacturer, Dixien LLC is pleased to be among the featured companies profiled as a part of the Connecting Advanced Manufacturing Program. Alex Garcia, VP of Sales & Marketing, reflects on the importance of manufacturing in the US and Dixien’s role in the future of manufacturing. Continue reading “Alex Garcia Discusses the Future of Innovation”

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