Dixien, LLC has been selected as a featured company for MBDA Business Center website in celebration of the upcoming Manufacturing Day. Each year in October, Manufacturing Day celebrates companies like Dixien and the longstanding heritage of manufacturing in the US. As an automotive parts manufacturer, Dixien LLC is pleased to be among the featured companies profiled as a part of the Connecting Advanced Manufacturing Program. Alex Garcia, VP of Sales & Marketing, reflects on the importance of manufacturing in the US and Dixien’s role in the future of manufacturing.

Interview Highlights

In the interview Garcia discusses the importance of manufacturing in the US economy and Dixien’s role in impacting its future. He addresses the automotive industry’s growing need for skilled, technical professionals to fill the gaps as seasoned talent prepares to exit the workforce. Garcia also delves into how Dixien will continue to further its mission to promote manufacturing excellence by following industry best practices.

Future of Automotive Manufacturing

“It is certain that manufacturing will continue to be a critically important industry to the U.S. and the world, and that technology and innovation will continue to drive how we manufacture in the future,” states Donna Ennis, Project Director of the Minority Business Development Agency Business Center-Atlanta. Among the challenges US automotive manufacturers must be prepared for is the introduction of new, innovative technologies and systems. By focusing on developing quality, compliant automotive parts and assemblies that add value and recruiting skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds, Dixien will be prepared for tomorrow’s manufacturing challenges.

As Manufacturing Day celebrates the industrial achievements of US manufacturers, Garcia reflects on how the company has benefited from skilled professionals. “Dixien’s longevity in the automotive industry can be directly attributed to America’s talented workforce,” says Garcia. His optimism about the future of manufacturing and the significant strides in innovation comes on the heels of recent facility upgrades and capital equipment investments made.