We at Dixien have planned a series of upgrades to expand our production capabilities to better serve the needs of our customers. With an emphasis on energy efficiency and productivity, we anticipate tremendous savings for our customers. Our first of many projects involves the acquisition of the Sarac injection molding machine.

Improvement Plan: Equipment Upgrades

As a brand, Dixien is committed to providing quality, value-added parts for our customers. Plans for facility upgrades to both parts manufacturing locations allows us to do just that. We focused on costs and how we could provide savings for our customers. Investing in the Sarac Injection Molding equipment allowed us to expand our production capabilities. Our Plastics Division can now manufacture parts anywhere between 45T and 1,000T.

Advantages for Our Customers …

Customers now have the convenient option of consolidating their program with one resource. Customers will appreciate being able to manufacture complex components and assemblies through either of our parts production facilities. Savings in production costs attributed to a reduction in energy used during production gives customers a guaranteed cost reduction over the life of their program. The equipment can lower energy consumption during production by as much as 80 percent.

Our commitment to continuous improvement and process innovation will give our customers access to even better parts and cost savings. Our goal of delivering quality OEM parts that add value and promoting greener practices will be achieved through subsequent upgrades.

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