Meeting compliance objectives without compromising performance is a challenge for many automakers. This is especially the case for those tasked with the challenge of redesigning automotive systems to meet emissions standards. Automakers are being forced to revisit every aspect of their production process as concerns about transparency grow as a part of the major testing scandal. Both the US and the European Union continue to react to news of the latest testing emissions scandal.

European Legislative Response

Some legislative recommendations include altering the testing environment, swapping out the lab setting for real-world driving conditions. In Europe, much of the conversation has been about implementing the “Real World Driving” test. Europe continues to discuss the possibility of introducing tougher testing standards.

US Legislative Response

The US is considering imposing fines of up to $18 billion for safety violations as it gears up for major probes. More access to funds for improved oversight and tougher penalties for violations dominate much of the debate in the United States.

Sustainability in Every Step and Process

Our goal at Dixien is to produce reliable, compliant parts sure to meet industry-wide certification standards. Our ISO 14001 program was developed in-house with the goal of improving each process to reduce our carbon footprint. Our customers can be assured that our practices align with their goal of producing quality systems that meet compliance objectives.

Dixien, LLC recognizes the need for transparent, compliant practices. As an ISO 14001 certified company, we continue to look for opportunities to innovate our processes while promoting sustainable practices. We are not only committed to improving our overall carbon footprint in production, but we are also committed to reducing it across the board.