Our customers cite quality as the key to running a successful automotive program.  Quality is central to controlling costs over the life of a program.  Buyers recognize how quality can adversely or positively impact the company’s bottom line.

Quality can affect a brand in numerous ways.  It affects customer relationships and trust in a particular brand or supplier of automotive parts and assemblies.  It can ultimately be the deciding factor in selecting a particular supplier for a program.  Premature parts failure issues have been attributed to quality problems in production.  Fines, claims and lawsuits tied to quality-related production problems gradually eat away at the company’s bottom line.

Dixien recognizes how quality affects the hidden costs associated with producing a particular component or assembly.  This is why Dixien invests in continuous improvement initiatives aimed at improving product quality.  First, we’ve worked on promoting a quality conscious culture internally to align with our goal of producing parts and assemblies with “zero defects.”  All team members are trained on the various quality control systems.  Inspections are performed at every stage of production here at Dixien.  Our certified auditors verify that all components conform to customer requirements prior to being shipped to customers.

We know that quality affects the bottom line. We recognize that quality is critical to earning the customer’s trust.  In partnering with us, customers gain access to a team of certified quality experts with nearly 75 years of experience in production.  We want to ensure your program’s success.  Contact us today to learn more about our quality program and how we can put them to work for you.