Buyers of metals and plastic components want quality parts on time when they need them.  Dixien, LLC shares that same commitment.   We are committed to adopting timesaving practices that optimize production and improve the service experience.

Reducing production time

We seize every opportunity to expedite parts and components production.  LEAN practices used in every stage of production streamlines our manufacturing processes.  In our commitment to manufacture reliable parts on time, we’ve implemented production guidelines and quality measures to reduce rework and return issues that could affect turnaround.  Capital investments concentrating on new technologies that increase production output means quicker turnaround and quality parts for our customers.   Parts engineered with the latest technologies expand our precision manufacturing capabilities.

Saving time on the administrative end

On the administrative end, we’ve taken the time to identify multiple ways to streamline our administrative practices.  We recognize that engineering changes are often unavoidable and inherently urgent in nature.  Our cross-functional team comprised of quality experts and engineers work together collaboratively to quickly incorporate those changes into the production schedule.  This team works side-by-side with customers to remove much of the red tape associated with these changes, delivering a smoother production experience.  In keeping with our goals of achieving service excellence, we have reduced our quote turnaround time.  In trimming the quoting process, our customers are in a position to quickly launch their programs. EDI capabilities ensure timely and efficient project updates between our team and customers.

We know that different supply chain models and systems were strategically developed to produce quality parts and components with greater efficiency and improved accuracy.  As partners in innovation, we work tirelessly on our end to identify and implement administrative and production processes that expedite production and improve turnaround for your program.

We invite you to learn more about our parts production capabilities.