Companies are always in a position to recover quickly in the event of a major IT emergency. Companies allocate substantial resources to the planning and implementation of an emergency disaster recovery plan for their organization. Supply chain preparedness is something that companies are slowly but surely embracing in an effort to strengthen their supply chain network.

Supply Chain Preparedness a Growing Concern Among OEMs

Companies recognize just how high the stakes are when it comes to being able to rapidly respond to an emergency. Business interruption on any level could cost the company millions and damage their brand reputation as a trusted manufacturer. Implementing multiple strategies to quickly adapt to a supply chain emergency has been the response for companies weighing the risks of disruption.

Emergency Response Strategies

Evaluating platforms. Companies have reassessed their technological platforms, often ditching their older applications for newer, current technologies capable of provide a wealth of valuable insight instantly. Putting key data in the hands of decision-makers empowers them to act and respond accordingly as emergencies arise.

Building cross-functional teams. Companies are assembling teams comprised of operational, sales, logistics and production professionals to develop a supplier disaster recovery response. Cross-functional teams simulate scenarios to gauge their preparedness to respond to supply chain threats.

Diversifying their supply chain network. Companies are expanding their existing supply networks to include agile, capable vendors with the infrastructure, expertise and production capacity to handle any re-sourcing needs.

The Dixien Advantage

Responsive, hands-on team to support your contingency planning goals. We can review your contingency plans and identify areas in which we can support your plans should something happen. We can match our solutions to your business objectives and support proper execution of your emergency supplier response strategy.

Expedited launching capabilities to get your project off the ground. Our customers can leverage one of two Georgia production teams for any type of project when time is limited. For expedited projects, we offer quick setup, tooling design and support, and fast turnaround.

Flexibility where it counts. Dedicated program manager monitors the progress of the emergency production project.  Our team will create the production plan that works best for your company.

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