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April 2016

Why Is the Tandem Stamping Approach Used?

Dixien, LLC specializes in metal parts production.  One of the services offered is tandem metal stamping.   The tandem stamping approach utilizes multiple stations, which are matched to various operations to form a part.  The ability to form complex  parts makes it suitable for OEM parts production.  The cost-effective approach to metal stamping makes it a good fit for projects requiring a low volume production run.
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Cargo Thefts As A Supply Chain Threat



Eighty-eight percent of cargo thefts that occurred in 2011 involved a full truckload or a container. Cargo thefts are a supply chain threat to Tier 1 and OEMs. On average, 63 cargo thefts occur each month. Preparing for a range of supply chain threat possibilities has become top priority for leading OEMs. Continue reading “Cargo Thefts As A Supply Chain Threat”

Natural Disasters As a Supply Chain Disruption


A disruptive event like a natural disaster can really have a lasting impact on the supply chain for quite some time.  If the affected Tier 1 or OEM is unable to quickly recover, company profits and overall marketshare may be at risk.  Weighing the possibility of a supply chain threat like a natural disaster may be one of the single most important steps to take when sourcing.
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Short Shipping As A Supply Chain Threat

Short shipping as a supply chain threat
Short shipping as a supply chain threat

Companies revisit their supplier requirements often to identify areas for performance improvement. By frequently examining supplier performance, they can identify the top suppliers who consistently meet their requirements. When the issue of short shipping is raised, companies have a hard time isolating the factors caused by human factors and other disruptive events outside of the supplier’s immediate control. As a result, short shipping remains one of the most common issues threatening supply chain health. Continue reading “Short Shipping As A Supply Chain Threat”

Quality As A Supply Chain Risk


Would you consider a 31 percent decrease in profits an emergency?  According to the Georgia Institute of Technology, supply chain disruptions can lead to a 31 percent reduction in profit for a manufacturer.  As a supplier of parts and components, we understand how something as simple as a quality problem could lead to a costly supply chain emergency.

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