Would you consider a 31 percent decrease in profits an emergency?  According to the Georgia Institute of Technology, supply chain disruptions can lead to a 31 percent reduction in profit for a manufacturer.  As a supplier of parts and components, we understand how something as simple as a quality problem could lead to a costly supply chain emergency.

Impact of Quality on Supply Chain Network Health

The parts arrive just in time, but are rejected due to poor quality.  The components have to be replaced quickly, but you can’t exactly freeze all of the other activities tied to a particular project for an indefinite amount of time.  This makes for quite the conundrum.  A production emergency of this magnitude requires the support of a reliable, flexible supplier with the ability to produce reliable quality parts.

Dixien, LLC Emergency Production Recovery Support

Poor quality is one of the most common reasons our customers turn to us for emergency production recovery.  Production emergencies require a fast response and solid expertise to handle risks.  Dixien Production Recovery gives customers a chance to recover time lost in production.  Customers are essentially buying back their lost time with our emergency manufacturing solutions.

Quality Parts with Zero Defects

As an experienced parts manufacturer of metal components, injection molded parts, and welded assemblies, we’ve developed the quality systems to identify any threats affecting parts quality.   We take “360-degree” look at each process to proactively address the root cause for defects.  Frequent inspections throughout the production process allow us to quickly respond to any inconsistencies in quality products.  Scorecard-based monitoring systems used in supplier vetting give us the opportunity to identify the most professional, competent and consistent suppliers of our raw materials.

Dixien Production Recovery strengthens the supply chain network of leading OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.  Our commitment to producing quality parts that add value is why we’ve become the trusted global supplier for all things “parts.”

Bring us your production emergency, and we’ll take it from there.