Short shipping as a supply chain threat
Short shipping as a supply chain threat

Companies revisit their supplier requirements often to identify areas for performance improvement. By frequently examining supplier performance, they can identify the top suppliers who consistently meet their requirements. When the issue of short shipping is raised, companies have a hard time isolating the factors caused by human factors and other disruptive events outside of the supplier’s immediate control. As a result, short shipping remains one of the most common issues threatening supply chain health.

Impact of Short Shipping on Supply Chain Network Health

Short shipping may mean an accounting nightmare in one scenario. It could just as easily mean a lot of additional administrative work by personnel charged with claims handling. Production may have to reschedule projects if the necessary parts or components aren’t in place to launch the program as scheduled. Theft or loss concerns about a particular supplier could jeopardize production orders. A production emergency service lowers supply chain risks associated with short shipping.

Dixien, LLC Emergency Production Recovery Support

Although short shipping is rarely intentional, an urgent production recovery team ensures preparedness if a supply chain threat occurs. Production emergency support guarantees a quick response to the most common supply chain problems affecting overall productivity. OEMs and Tier 1 companies reduce the amount of time lost to production delays while protecting their reputation.

Dixien, LLC’s Commitment to a Resilient Supply Chain Network

As the preferred OEM and Tier 1 supplier of metal and plastic parts for various industries, we’ve developed supplier performance monitoring systems internally to reduce supply chain threats. In our ability to strengthen our own supply chain network, we can apply our expertise to better serve our customer base. Our heightened level of visibility into our networks gives us ample opportunity to create coaching opportunities as needed. Our scorecard systems pinpoint specific production challenges before they become a major hindrance to our internal production requirements. Implementing these measures helps us meet the expectations of our suppliers and avoid common supply chain threats.

The Dixien Production Recovery Team can complement any existing supply chain when production emergencies like short shipping occur. Our commitment to service excellence is why we’ve become the premier global supplier of injection molded parts, metal stamped components, and welded assemblies.

Learn how we help suppliers meet their time-sensitive order needs when short shipping supply chain threats happen.