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July 2016

Manufacturers Prepare for Stricter Safety Guidelines for Autonomous Vehicles


Automotive Manufacturers Brace for New Cybersecurity Challenges

The Ponemon Institute survey conducted in 2015 painted a troubling picture of cybersecurity in the automotive industry for autonomous vehicle systems. Respondents participating in the survey came from various backgrounds within the automotive OEM and Tier One supplier community. Developers and engineers alike participated in the automotive cybersecurity survey.

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Precision Farming Trends in Irrigation Systems


Automation in Drip Irrigation Systems

The agricultural community faces quite a few challenges in the future. Farmers will have to contend with fluctuating labor costs, evolving regulations governing use of land resources, feeding a growing population, and maintaining healthy crop yields. Innovative farming equipment systems will play a pivotal role in addressing these challenges. The agricultural community has turned to farming innovations like latest drip irrigation systems as a precision farming resource.

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Lightweighting Trends in Aviation: Seating Systems … Size vs. Material


Lightweighting Trends in Aviation

In recent years, airlines have been working with aircraft part supplier networks to reduce fuel costs. In focusing on seating components and applications, companies are able to save on fuel costs for each flight. Experimenting with new materials and metal components has presented a number of new, inspiring seating system innovations.

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Predictive Maintenance Software Trends


Predictive Maintenance Software Trends

Unplanned downtime can impact a company’s bottom line. While natural disasters and equipment breakdowns are sometimes unavoidable, companies are making an effort to curb risks wherever possible. In the case of heavy equipment machinery breakdowns, businesses are proactively investing in solutions that support predictive maintenance planning. In reducing downtime, production facilities rely on tools like predictive maintenance software. Continue reading “Predictive Maintenance Software Trends”

Autonomous Driving-Top Four Questions


What changes in the ownership experience can consumers expect?

As self-driving vehicles from automotive OEMs are being tested, consumers have a expressed concerns about how this new type of vehicle will change the ownership experience. Continue reading “Autonomous Driving-Top Four Questions”

Consumer Electronics OEM Trend: Luxury Refrigerator Systems

luxury appliance OEMs
luxury appliance OEMs

What is a luxury refrigerator, anyway?

Most of us have the typical refrigerators come with standard features and OEM components. Those things last years, so these refrigeration systems are rarely replaced. Then there are appliance manufacturers that have taken the old trusted refrigerator to an entirely different level with parts appliance innovations. Thanks to the luxury appliance OEMs, consumers have access to luxury, high performance appliances powered by exciting refrigerator technology. Continue reading “Consumer Electronics OEM Trend: Luxury Refrigerator Systems”

Why Is the Transfer Stamping Approach Used?

Dixien, LLC specializes in metal parts production.  One of the services offered is transfer metal stamping.   The transfer metal stamping approach also requires the use of multiple stations, each customized for a specific operation to form a stamped part.  The ability to form parts efficiently makes it a preferred parts production method among OEM manufacturers.
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Four Major Innovations from Farming Equipment Manufacturers


With rising labor costs, land constraints and other challenges, equipment manufacturers have found that the agricultural industry is ripe for innovation.  Innovators around the world actively exploring out-of-the-box solutions for resolving some of the most pressing issues facing the agricultural community.  Advancements in agricultural equipment have been introduced address to automate common crop management tasks until produce reaches its maturity.

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