With rising labor costs, land constraints and other challenges, equipment manufacturers have found that the agricultural industry is ripe for innovation.  Innovators around the world actively exploring out-of-the-box solutions for resolving some of the most pressing issues facing the agricultural community.  Advancements in agricultural equipment have been introduced address to automate common crop management tasks until produce reaches its maturity.

Farming Equipment Automation Trends in Agriculture

1. This robotic machine moves about a track located outside of a garden box.  After it is trained, it can oversee planting and watering schedules independently.  Veggies aren’t picked until they are ready for harvest.  Click here to learn more about this innovation in automated farming.

2. Limited land availability may soon be an issue as the world population continues to grow.  Plants are grown in a nutritious liquid and managed individually by a unique communication system that assess crop needs like fertilization, watering and ventilation.  Click here to learn more about this advancement in farming.

3. Strawberry picking becomes automated as a robot monitors strawberry beds with camera-enabled mechanisms that monitor the growth stages of the fruit.  Once the strawberry is found, the robot picks it and places it on a conveyor, which then places in a container.  Click here to learn more about this exciting digital farming trend.

4. Researchers develop drone prototypes that manage the application of herbicides to plants.  The   microdots eliminate waste in reducing the volume of herbicide wasted by targeting with pinpoint precision the undesirable weeds.  Click here to learn about this precision farming trend.

As agricultural innovators focus on leaner processes and improved efficiency across the board, Dixien, LLC, a leading parts supplier of components to farming equipment OEMs, continues to support top industrial brands with reliable parts with zero defects.