luxury appliance OEMs
luxury appliance OEMs

What is a luxury refrigerator, anyway?

Most of us have the typical refrigerators come with standard features and OEM components. Those things last years, so these refrigeration systems are rarely replaced. Then there are appliance manufacturers that have taken the old trusted refrigerator to an entirely different level with parts appliance innovations. Thanks to the luxury appliance OEMs, consumers have access to luxury, high performance appliances powered by exciting refrigerator technology.

Four Luxury Models from Top OEMs in Appliance Manufacturing:

1. Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Valued at $4,398.00, the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is finished in stainless steel. The WI-FI enabled touchscreen display interface contains applications that assist with note taking and scheduling. Built-in camera features take snapshots every time the door of the fridge opens or closes, so consumers have a visual inventory of what’s on hand. Climate control systems with triple cooling capabilities keep food fresh longer. Read more

2. Sub-Zero Refrigerator

Priced at $8,000, the appliance OEM’s Sub-Zero Refrigerator is also a stainless steel appliance. The personalization element makes this appliance a luxury one. Engineered with LED lighting components, the refrigerator allows one to easily scan all its contents. Dual refrigerator technology supported by multiple compressors preserves the food for longer periods. External panels can be customized to blend into the cabinetry. Read more

3. RVRF336SS Viking

Viking produces a counter-depth refrigerator. Exterior paneling can be customized to match cabinetry and décor for a consistent look and feel. The $3,500 unit features a number of refrigerator systems and refrigerator technologies for advanced climate control. Water filtration and air purification systems keep the water and air condition clean of odor, sediment, and contaminants. Isolated compartments with unique temperature control settings can be adjusted to better preserve contents. Read more

4. KBSN608ESS Kitchen Aid

The $8,999 Kitchen Aid features quite a few technological enhancements. Shelving system components make shelves easy to open and close. With a mixture of temperature-controlled drawers and non-temperature-controlled drawers, consumers can store their produce and dairy at optimal temperature. Crisping refrigeration technology preserves the texture and freshness of product. LED lighting components never have to be replaced for the life of the system. Textured shelving restricts the flow of accidental spills. Read more

So what separates the luxury refrigerator from the basic refrigerator? More customization options, advanced refrigeration systems and technologies, extra storage, and durable components . As a leading supplier of system components to appliance manufacturers, we work with innovative brands, assisting with everything from rapid prototyping to urgent OEM production support. As a partner in innovation, we specialize in quality system components for the latest in refrigerator technology.

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