Predictive Maintenance Software Trends

Unplanned downtime can impact a company’s bottom line. While natural disasters and equipment breakdowns are sometimes unavoidable, companies are making an effort to curb risks wherever possible. In the case of heavy equipment machinery breakdowns, businesses are proactively investing in solutions that support predictive maintenance planning. In reducing downtime, production facilities rely on tools like predictive maintenance software.

The Solutions at Work

The primary function of predictive maintenance software is to track equipment data to enable proactive scheduling for maintenance. As the volume of the data collected on heavy equipment grows, the solution analyzes the data to formulate a strategy to reduce or eliminate unnecessary downtime. Failure history collected on a piece of heavy machinery gives management an opportunity to anticipate future repair needs. From the snapshot of data gathered, everything from purchase orders for replacing heavy equipment parts to actual work orders can be planned with this solution. Companies can detect the point at which quality will likely be impacted to map out their maintenance schedules. Some solutions rely on the data supplied by OEM heavy equipment manufacturers, using their recommended schedule for performing equipment maintenance like replacing heavy machinery parts. Other solutions may rely on internal data for historical analysis to produce forecasts used in scheduling maintenance instead of data supplied by heavy equipment OEMs.

Exploring the Future of Predictive Analytics

Trends suggest that predictive maintenance solutions like these will become a significant resource in managing supply chain risks and business interruption. Solutions powered by historical internal data and OEM manufacturer data will continue to overlap, supporting improved predictive maintenance scheduling. In examining solutions offered by companies like IBM, manufacturers will soon have even greater access to more data. Data shared with the cloud from various companies using OEM equipment will be combined with historical internal data as well as OEM equipment data. Managers will be able to monitor the performance of their equipment and plan accordingly from any mobile or computing device.

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