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August 2016

Consumer Electronics Trend-Modular Devices and Gadgets

moddixienThe concept of modular components in manufacturing is nothing new.  New trends in consumer electronics suggest that the popular devices Americans love are becoming more modular.   Manufacturing innovators are developing modular gadgets and devices to capitalize on this trend Continue reading “Consumer Electronics Trend-Modular Devices and Gadgets”


Composites in the Limelight


In recent years, significant strides have been made in lightweighting.  With the introduction of newer resins, OEMs have opportunities reduce the overall weight of vehicles without compromising durability and performance. Continue reading “Composites in the Limelight”

Automotive Trends: Partnering Opportunities for Automakers in Car-sharing


Experts throughout the automotive industry have weighed in on the possibility of decreased car ownership with the introduction of ridesharing options like Uber. While some experts aren’t going as far as to say that Uber-like options will put a considerable dent in the number of private car owners, the introduction of services like Lyft and Uber are worth noting.

Continue reading “Automotive Trends: Partnering Opportunities for Automakers in Car-sharing”

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