Experts throughout the automotive industry have weighed in on the possibility of decreased car ownership with the introduction of ridesharing options like Uber. While some experts aren’t going as far as to say that Uber-like options will put a considerable dent in the number of private car owners, the introduction of services like Lyft and Uber are worth noting.

Rainmakers in the world of car-sharing

Uber was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp way back in 2008. Since then, the service is available in most major US markets. Lyft, an alternative to Uber, has had tremendous success in the US and around the world in countries like Thailand and Vietnam. GM recently acquired Sidecar, which closed its doors in December of 2015.  The move gave the auto OEM access to its talent, knowledgebase and other invaluable resources that could potentially usher in a new era for its urban mobility team.

Partnering trends

Over the past few months, there has been buzz about automotive OEMs partnering with car-sharing companies like Uber. Toyota recently made headlines when the automotive company announced that it would start investing in Uber. The automotive OEM stated it would create new leasing options for aspiring Uber drivers. At one point, Uber was said to be in talks with Fiat Chrysler. Car rental companies have started exploring partnership options with innovative startups. Hertz has announced its intentions to supply vehicles to Lyft and Uber. Hertz said it will offer predetermined rates for its drivers in certain markets initially, gradually expanding along the way into other markets. Fiat Chrysler was rumored to be in talks with both Uber and Amazon to develop an autonomous vehicle. Amazon plans to leverage the technology platform to facilitate driverless delivery solutions for their customer base. General Motors announced earlier this year that it would partner with Lyft, and invest $500 million.

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