moddixienThe concept of modular components in manufacturing is nothing new.  New trends in consumer electronics suggest that the popular devices Americans love are becoming more modular.   Manufacturing innovators are developing modular gadgets and devices to capitalize on this trend.

Major breakthroughs in modular devices

A phone that assembles itself.  Researchers at MIT are in the preliminary stages of developing a phone that assembles itself.  The device components are placed in a container, and they spin until the pieces arrive at their destination.  The magnetic environment facilitates the assembly process.  The end result is two separate mobile devices.

Speakers that transform.  Blue-tooth enabled sound system for mobile devices is waterproof and capable of standing alone.  Expanding the system with accessories like solar panel components, lighting components, and other system components customizes the user experience.

Modular 2-in-1 computers.  CEO Rangan Srikhanta of One Education sees potential in having a hybrid table-PC computer that lasts forever.  Components permit easy upgrades for consumers, but the device only has to be purchased once.   Customers can avoid costs that come with having to frequently upgrade their PCs and stick to their preferred computer indefinitely.
The demand for modular system components will continue to grow as more and more manufacturers turn to this style of manufacturing.  As consumer preferences evolve, we as OEM suppliers must be prepared to support these new and innovative systems introduced by consumer electronics OEMs.  From our rapid prototyping services to our parts engineering support, we stand ready to meet the diverse needs of our customer base.