appliIn appliance manufacturing, companies are partnering with other noteworthy brands to introduce state-of-the-art technologies to accommodate consumer lifestyle trends.  Leading appliance OEMs have focused on improved functionality and new advanced technologies to offer exciting new upgrades and features to consumers.

Electrolux’s SoftWater Technology System

AEG has introduced its proprietary SoftWater Technology to improve the functionality of its washing machine and dryer appliance components.  Designed to preserve the integrity and textures of the fabric, the appliance offer enhancements to protect and extend the life of delicate fabrics like silk.  SoftWater Technology actually treats and softens the water prior to initiating the cleaning cycle for better results.

Kitchen Aid’s Self-Closing Introduces Freezer Drawers

Appliance OEM Kitchen Aid chose to focus on functionality by increasing capacity to several of its refrigerator units.  The appliance manufacturer released its three-door refrigerator unit featuring 72” counter-depth bottom storage compartments.  The new unit will be the very first model of its class to include a self-closing freezer drawer.  The retractable shelving components permits customization, which can be adjusted to store items with height dimensions as tall as 16.75 inches.

Haier Introduces Solid-State Refrigeration Technology

Appliance OEM Haier focused on performance when it endeavored to create a quieter, more energy efficient refrigeration technology system.  The solid-state refrigeration technology is expected to be a major game changer in the appliance manufacturing industry.  By leveraging variable displacement, the appliance can operate with greater efficiency and less noise.  The compressor features one bearing that requires no oil, but is instead lubricated by the refrigerant gas.  Fewer bearings reduces the need for lubrication.  The solid-state-refrigeration technology will first be featured in wine cooler applications.

White goods appliances are being upgraded with larger compartments and retractable shelving for greater storage.  Proprietary technologies introduced by appliance OEMs result from collaborative initiatives with technology firms.  These technologies aim to improve performance and energy efficiency.  Dixien, LLC has always championed innovations by leading OEMs, and is proud to have over 40 years in OEM parts production of components and assemblies.