In recent years, we’ve seen major RV manufacturers acquire other entities, angling for greater market share in an industry that has seen tremendous growth.  RV manufacturers are witnessing a growing interest in recreational vehicles among people from diverse backgrounds.  More consumers are showing interest in the adventurous, carefree lifestyle.  As the needs of the growing customer base continue to evolve, RV companies must remain attuned to the needs of its diverse customer base.

Consumers want customization

Consumers are showing a willingness to invest in the personalization of their vehicles.  Those with a hefty budget invest in complete remodeling projects where all internal RV components are removed and redesigned to suit their preferences.  Others opt for remodeling projects that focus on adding more space to the unit.  From custom-tiling to themed exterior facelifts paying homage to a particular era, the customization trend gives consumers a chance to personalize nearly every aspect of their RV experience.

Consumers want luxury

Consumers are elevating their RV experience.  Adding interior components and amenities that border on the line of extravagant is another major trend RV manufacturers are tuning in on.  Consumers desire a home theatre experience, so they are investing state-of-the-art surround systems to mimic that very experience in RVs.  From heated flooring to LED lighting, consumers want a taste of luxury with their adventure.

Consumers want a full life

RV consumers have often been categorized as a pastime for certain demographics who enjoy an occasional vacation here and there.  RV consumers are becoming younger.  Millennials have become the fastest growing audience for RV manufacturers.  RV owners who want to enjoy an active lifestyle rely on these vehicles for frequent weekend trips and are more likely to use them for more than just the annual vacation.  Some consumers want to make exploration a way life.  Among older RV consumers, this trend is becoming commonplace.

RV manufacturers must be able to cater to a broader range of customer preferences.  Some customers want their RVs to feel more like a home while others want a more luxurious feel to their RV vehicles.  OEM parts manufacturer Dixien, LLC is proud to serve RV manufacturers who want to create the ultimate driving experience for their customer base.