Inventor Thomas Edison was once quoted as saying, “There’s a way to do it better-find it.”   Agricultural brands are finding that collaborations between major brands can be the key to groundbreaking technologies and innovations.  These game-changing collaborations will transform the agricultural industry.

A Super Alliance in the Farming Industry Is Formed

A group of 36 agricultural companies recently came together to form the Global Agri-business Alliance.  The group was formed to address many of the farming supply chain issues that communities are facing.  The group will focus its efforts on addressing major challenges like nutrition and food insecurity.  OEM Mitsubishi Corporation and other leading agricultural OEMs will work to improve their supply chain efforts and increase the availability of natural resources.

Strategic Partnership May Mean More Solutions for Agricultural Industry

Bayer and Monsanto are ironing out the details of a merger.  When the details are finalized in late 2017, the two will have the opportunity of revolutionizing the agricultural industry with the possible introduction of new products with advanced herbicide-tolerant traits.  In streamlining the process of innovation, farmers throughout the world will have greater access to sustainable farming solutions.

Agricultural OEM Will Make Data Work for Farmers

Agricultural OEM has decided to launch an open data platform showcasing leading solutions and resources from other companies in addition to its own.  The goal is to create a centralized repository accessible to farmers that they may better manage their data.  The solution will allow farmers the opportunity to import and manage data within one solution to gather a complete picture of all the agronomic data affecting their operations.

Operating in the spirit of innovation, Dixien has had the opportunity of partnering strategically with leading agricultural OEM brands to enable the introduction of new technologies to the farming community.  As OEM brands like Mitsubishi continue down the path of collaboration for addressing the world’s agricultural challenges, Dixien will continue to operate as a trusted partner in innovation, offering the most reliable component parts and part products available in the supplier community.