autotech1The automotive industry has always been a champion of forward-thinking ideas.  While many technologies are still in their early stages, many of the anticipated autonomous driving technologies are well on their way to becoming a reality.  As enthusiasts of all things innovative, we celebrate the many technologies that have been introduced recently in the automotive community.

A wink, a smile and a nod

Automotive applications for vehicles have already successfully developed the technologies to recognize pedestrians.  Technology company Semcon has taken it a step further, offering a key component to the communication process, acknowledgement.  Semcon has developed an autonomous car that can actually wink to the pedestrian, acknowledging their presence.  The technology issues an alert to the other party, indicating that it’s ok to cross the street.  The signal displays as a smile, which flashes in the car’s grille.

Accelerating innovation in the development of autonomous technologies

Engineers have been extremely effective in developing autonomous technologies for vehicles.  In recognizing that the autonomous revolution isn’t going anywhere soon, it would make sense that the process of developing such solutions be enhanced.  Renesas has developed what’s called a “Highly Automated Driving” kit for vehicles.  Those specializing in the development of safety applications for autonomous vehicles can bypass much of the time invested in developing the framework with the kit.  The kits can be used in lab and test drive settings.

Hyundai tests fuel cell vehicles with autonomous driving technologies

Automaker Hyundai secured licensing for two fuel cell vehicles, recently.  Hyundai utilized GPS and a series of other technologies to develop its autonomous driving technologies for its  fuel cell Tuscon model vehicles.  Complete autonomous driving, enhanced traffic jam navigation, narrow path assist and emergency redirect systems are all features included in the fuel cell vehicles.  Settings permit completely autonomous driving on pre-approved roads.

Dixien supports these groundbreaking achievements by tech-centered automotive brands.  As autonomous driving technologies and autonomous systems for vehicles continue to be introduced at lightning speed, automotive OEMs will need safer, durable parts for their applications.  Dixien wants to help engineers and designers bring their ideas to life.