An airline wants to increase its capacity while maintaining a certain level of comfort to its passengers.  Its aircraft suppliers must begin the tough task of creating the cabin layout that will accomplish these goals.  There are only but several possible options available to increase the spacing in seating systems for aircrafts, so manufacturers must accomplish these seating goals creatively in order to make any progress in that area.   Aircraft manufacturers are utilizing several approaches to accomplish these ambitious goals for seating systems on airplanes.

What Airline Carriers Are Asking of Their Aircraft Suppliers

Delta Air Lines made news when the company announced its intentions of possibility adding 50 more seats to the plane.  The airline wanted to invest nearly $2 billion in their regional aircrafts to accomplish this goal.  Learn more!

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus will soon be offering an array of layouts for their customers.  The seating would be reconfigured to accommodate an additional ten seats.  The upgrades will occur with the A330 and A330neo aircrafts set to debut in 2017.  The new aircrafts will feature ten additional seats.  This will be done by repositioning the lavatory and the gallery area.  Learn more!

Major airline United wants to add a single seat to every row in its 777 planes.  The floorplan would change slightly as the carrier wants to switch to a 3-4-3 seating system configuration versus its current 3-3-3 layout.  Each seat would be narrowed by one inch.  Learn more!

Aircraft manufacturers will continue to experiment with floorplan options to increase seating in their airplanes.  They are being challenged to rethink their floorplan and find the optimal design approach that will keep passengers comfy in the already semi-crowded conditions.