Quality is something all companies strive to achieve in their manufacturing processes.  A solid LEAN program is essential in creating a culture centered on quality.  At Dixien, we actively promote a LEAN-conscious culture on all levels.  Our commitment to LEAN will advance our goal of producing quality plastic and metal parts with zero defects.

Our LEAN Corporate Culture

We at Dixien believe that LEAN practices implemented throughout the organization make a difference.  To maximize the benefits associated with LEAN process management, we’ve taken several steps.  We make certain that there is no process that isn’t scrutinized.  Eliminating unnecessary or duplicative processes that add no value produces cost savings for our customers.  Standardization of processes and tasks presents reduces opportunities for errors while making them easier to review for the purpose of continuous improvement.  We minimize room for error at any stage of parts production observing Poka Yoke principles.  Accountability is required of all employees involved in any project, and managers as well as employees are held to the same performance standards.  Intensive training initiatives that may involve ongoing coaching ensures that all employees are aware of best practices and prepared to serve the needs of our customers.

Transforming a culture takes hard work and dedication.  Looking at every aspect of the organization and taking the bold steps to create the necessary change to improve quality were essential steps in promoting our LEAN culture.  Our LEAN-inspired culture is credited with improving product quality across the board, reducing rework, increasing cost savings, improving delivery performance, and eliminating waste.  We believe that our customers can have quality parts that add value at competitive prices.  We will continue to invest in areas where cost savings can be achieved in our parts manufacturing practices.