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January 2017

In Pursuit of the Perfect Part


Recalls in the automotive industry are to be expected.  Complicated machinery powered by state-of-the art technologies and systems are subject to glitches and performance challenges.  Minor and major recalls do add up, affecting the OEM’s bottom line.  Automakers are becoming more proactive, taking steps to protect their bottom line by lowering their risks of a costly recall.

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Quality Components Produced by a World-Class Team


A major recall for an automotive brand can have a ripple effect, impacting a company for years to come.  Much is at stake whenever this occurs.  A company stands to lose credibility, trust and future sales when a major recall occurs.  We understand how important systems are to developing the perfect part, and we at Dixien have invested in world-class training for our team members.

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CAFE Penalties for OEMs


The NHTSA recently agreed to push back the model year efficiency standards for OEMs.  The new fuel saving technologies will be required of 2019 models.  The CAFÉ standards for OEMs will soon be reconciled with EPA standards as outlined as a part of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Program.  Continue reading “CAFE Penalties for OEMs”

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