A major recall for an automotive brand can have a ripple effect, impacting a company for years to come.  Much is at stake whenever this occurs.  A company stands to lose credibility, trust and future sales when a major recall occurs.  We understand how important systems are to developing the perfect part, and we at Dixien have invested in world-class training for our team members.

Recall in Review

An automotive OEM issued a recall that impacted over 8 million vehicles.  System components affecting the hardware and software of the system required either repairs or upgrades to correct the issue.  The automaker will pay an estimated $3 billion in fines as a result of the recall issued by the US Department of Justice.  The settlement agreement outlines how funds will be set aside to bolster the existing infrastructure aimed at reducing emissions.  Some forecasts predict that the recall could exceed $4 billion once all of the hidden costs are tallied up.

The Impact of the Recall

A global recall of this magnitude may potentially affect future sales.  As a supplier of OEM components, we know that there are a number of factors that can increase the risks of a recall being issued.  All team members assigned to an automotive OEM program receive targeted training to ensure preparedness for the project.  All training is led by members of the highly skilled, experienced management team.  Our team members receive mandatory, supervised training and coaching.  This attention to training supports our overarching mission of producing reliable parts with zero defects.

A culture of excellence centered on quality and supported by world-class training lowers the risks of costly recalls for our customers.  By empowering our team members with the proper training, we can guarantee that all of our programs are handled by some of the most highly skilled operators.