Recalls in the automotive industry are to be expected.  Complicated machinery powered by state-of-the art technologies and systems are subject to glitches and performance challenges.  Minor and major recalls do add up, affecting the OEM’s bottom line.  Automakers are becoming more proactive, taking steps to protect their bottom line by lowering their risks of a costly recall.

Recall in Review

Several years ago, a major automaker issued a recall for over 8 million vehicles.  The safety issue resulted in unintended acceleration not under the driver’s immediate control.  The root cause of the recall was an unresolved design issue, which affected a number of models.  Modifications made to the braking system and components were required to resolve the OEM safety recall issues.  The sheer magnitude of the recall resulted in a 33 percent loss in profits for the year.

The Impact of the Recall

The company invested significant resources in investigating then correcting the design issue.  Record breaking fines were imposed as a result of the safety recall, one of which exceeded $1 billion.  Legal challenges like lawsuits and unwanted scrutiny by federal and watchdog organizations plagued the company for years.  As a supplier of OEM components, Dixien, LLC is committed to supporting OEMs in providing safe, reliable parts and components for automakers.

Engineering Support

Our engineering team works collaboratively with OEM customers to help them achieve their vision of a quality system.  One of the steps we take is conducting a feasibility analysis in order to make sure that the perfect process has been matched to the part.  Our goal is to catch and resolve any process challenges that may impact the quality of the part.  Evaluating the material and production process before high volume parts production begins gives customers access to the necessary insight required to resolve any potential design challenges that may affect system quality and safety.

We are committed to our goal of developing components with zero defects.  In focusing our efforts on proactively identifying and helping resolve any potential production issues that may impact the system, our engineering team works closely with automotive OEM companies to help prepare the part for high volume production.