Automotive manufacturing has certainly changed over the years, sparking the need for innovative automotive components. Dixien LLC has been working with automotive customers to meet those evolving needs for compliant plastic and metal automotive parts.

Parts, Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies

Dixien LLC’s fabrication capabilities include: metal stamping, injection molding, tooling, custom fabrication, welded assemblies, and engineering. The Lake City Metals Division handles welding, tooling, metal stamping, and custom parts fabrication. The 200,000-square-foot facility contains 50 metal stamping presses and 30 welding work centers. The Warner Robins Plastics Division is housed in a 140,0000-square-foot facility. The facility is equipped with both robotic and in-mold decal systems.  With its 24 state-of-the-art injection molding presses, the plastics division supports all injection molded parts requirements.  The management team averages 30 years of dedicated automotive production experience in the industry.

Business Areas

The operations are organized into multiple areas:

Metal Stamping
Injection Molding
Welding & Assemblies
Auto Parts Fabrication

We are an ISO/TS certified OEM parts manufacturer for plastic and metal auto parts. We are also a NMBC certified minority-owned business. Our commitment to manufacturing excellence has helped us achieve a 40-year milestone in auto parts manufacturing.

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