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What Is Progressive Metal Stamping?

Dixien, LLC specializes in metal parts and components.  One of the services offered is progressive metal stamping.   The progressive metal stamping approach is automated. This process is normally used for parts production in high volume runs.
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Farming Equipment Trends-Open-Sourcing for Innovation

agr23.pngIn a world where the food demand is a major concern for the world’s growing population, agricultural companies must be prepared to figure out how to meet this demand.  Critical to the success of meeting these needs is innovation.  Where larger brands once dominated the innovation landscape, innovators from different backgrounds are now joining the agricultural equipment industry.  Thanks to open sourcing, the barrier of entry has been lowered substantially. Continue reading “Farming Equipment Trends-Open-Sourcing for Innovation”

Aircraft Seating a Focus for Plane Manufacturers & Aviation Industry


An airline wants to increase its capacity while maintaining a certain level of comfort to its passengers.  Its aircraft suppliers must begin the tough task of creating the cabin layout that will accomplish these goals.  There are only but several possible options available to increase the spacing in seating systems for aircrafts, so manufacturers must accomplish these seating goals creatively in order to make any progress in that area.   Aircraft manufacturers are utilizing several approaches to accomplish these ambitious goals for seating systems on airplanes. Continue reading “Aircraft Seating a Focus for Plane Manufacturers & Aviation Industry”

The Autonomous Driving Revolution Continues

autotech1The automotive industry has always been a champion of forward-thinking ideas.  While many technologies are still in their early stages, many of the anticipated autonomous driving technologies are well on their way to becoming a reality.  As enthusiasts of all things innovative, we celebrate the many technologies that have been introduced recently in the automotive community. Continue reading “The Autonomous Driving Revolution Continues”

Trends: Collaboration & Innovation in the Agricultural Industry


Inventor Thomas Edison was once quoted as saying, “There’s a way to do it better-find it.”   Agricultural brands are finding that collaborations between major brands can be the key to groundbreaking technologies and innovations.  These game-changing collaborations will transform the agricultural industry. Continue reading “Trends: Collaboration & Innovation in the Agricultural Industry”

Aviation Industry: UN Targets Aircraft Emissions


Each year, airlines use 205 million tons of fuel.  At any given time, there could be as many as 13,000 planes in the air at one time.  Fuel costs can account for as much as 20 percent of an airline’s operating expenses.  From 2012 to 2016, an additional 28.5 percent increase in ridership was forecasted.  As ridership continues to grow, aircraft manufacturers and the aviation community are targeting fuel efficiency as the key to lowering carbon emissions.   The International Civil Aviation Organization convened in Montreal recently to draft a proposal aimed at lowering airlines’ carbon emissions.  Continue reading “Aviation Industry: UN Targets Aircraft Emissions”

RV Manufacturers Accommodate Changing Consumer Tastes


In recent years, we’ve seen major RV manufacturers acquire other entities, angling for greater market share in an industry that has seen tremendous growth.  RV manufacturers are witnessing a growing interest in recreational vehicles among people from diverse backgrounds.  More consumers are showing interest in the adventurous, carefree lifestyle.  As the needs of the growing customer base continue to evolve, RV companies must remain attuned to the needs of its diverse customer base. Continue reading “RV Manufacturers Accommodate Changing Consumer Tastes”

Consumer Electronics & Appliances: Noteworthy Manufacturer Innovations

appliIn appliance manufacturing, companies are partnering with other noteworthy brands to introduce state-of-the-art technologies to accommodate consumer lifestyle trends.  Leading appliance OEMs have focused on improved functionality and new advanced technologies to offer exciting new upgrades and features to consumers. Continue reading “Consumer Electronics & Appliances: Noteworthy Manufacturer Innovations”

Aviation Industry Focuses on Sustainable System Technologies


In the world, there are over 1,400 airlines.  Airplane ridership in some markets has grown exponentially in recent years and shows no sign of decline for the foreseeable future.  If lowering carbon emissions for the airline industry wasn’t previously a priority, it is now.  Recently, representatives from all over the world convened in Montreal to discuss the possibilities for lowering carbon emissions in aircrafts for the next three decades.  The aerospace community continues to explore the alternative energy opportunities available in aviation. Continue reading “Aviation Industry Focuses on Sustainable System Technologies”

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