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November 2016

Robotic Autonomous Lawnmower Innovations-What to Expect


Autonomous vehicles will change the way drivers commute to and from work.  Autonomous robots promise to deliver a much less labor-intensive lawn care maintenance experience for those who want to maintain their lawns, independently.  Although robotic lawnmowers are a relatively new concept, there are still some standard features the consumer can expect of the specialty lawn care maintenance devices.  Continue reading “Robotic Autonomous Lawnmower Innovations-What to Expect”


Lawn Equipment Manufacturing Trends-Electric Mowers


Approximately, five gallons of gas is required for mowing a lawn, according to Paul Tukey, founder of People, Places and Plants magazine.  The EPA estimates that over 17 million gallons of fuel is wasted when filling up gas-powered lawn equipment.  One conventional gas-powered motor is capable of emitting 11 times more emissions than a late model car.  Lawn equipment manufacturers have gone to the drawing board to develop high-powered, electric counterparts capable of delivering comparable performance without the harmful emissions. Continue reading “Lawn Equipment Manufacturing Trends-Electric Mowers”

What Is Insert Injection Molding?

Insert injection molding reduces waste while adding value when used in plastic parts production.  Plastic parts and components produced using insert injection molding process are extremely accurate.  Learn more about the insert injection molding process!


What Is Progressive Metal Stamping?

Dixien, LLC specializes in metal parts and components.  One of the services offered is progressive metal stamping.   The progressive metal stamping approach is automated. This process is normally used for parts production in high volume runs.
Visit our site to learn more about Dixien’s progressive metal stamping services.

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