Innovation has been a focal point for major automotive brands.  Major automotive brands have announced the opening of several innovation centers.  These innovation centers have been constructed specifically for the purpose of creating groundbreaking technologies to answer tomorrow’s challenges.  Here are some of the major innovation centers that have opened their doors in recent years.

Hutchinson Innovation Center

Hutchinson Innovation Center recently opened its first US-based center in North America.  The center was launched as a part of the overall plan to further its expansion goals.  The company will use the center to showcase its products, putting their prototypes front and center.  Featured in the center is a 3D printing center and robotic displays.

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Fleet services company ARI opened its ARI Technology and Innovation Center.  This location was opened in Mount Laurel, New Jersey this year.  The center will develop first-class solutions aimed at lowering costs for companies.  Designed as a call center, the facility will serve the communications needs of team members.  ARI has always invested substantial resources in the development of new fleet technologies.

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Michigan-China Innovation Center

The Michigan-China Innovation Center recently opened its location in Detroit.   In partnership with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the center is expected to generate investment activities by working with China to meet the country’s evolving technological needs as new mobility solutions are developed.

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Center for Manufacturing

Greenville Tech’s new Center for Manufacturing Innovation will offer training programs for students attending the school.  The engineering students will receive hands-on experience working with prototyping technologies.  As a part of the program, BMW employees will assist with training.

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Dow Chemical Co. Innovation Center

Dow Chemical Co. plans to invest in a new innovation center in Midland, MI.  Advanced technologies will be developed in this new facility, which will build on existing R&D research efforts.  The center was developed as a part of the overall restructuring efforts for the Dow Corning Silicone business.  The center will focus on lightweighting efforts, hybrid technologies, and autonomous solutions.

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Lear Corporation Innovation Center

Lear Corporation Innovation Center was recently opened in Detroit.  The automotive seating system company will utilize the center as an incubator for collaboration between engineers and college students.  Designers, students and engineers will work together in this facility, focusing on key technologies supporting hybrid and connected car systems.

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American Center for Mobility in Willow Run

The American Center for Mobility opened its doors to focus exclusively on testing, product development and training.  The center was developed especially for the purpose of supporting newly developed self-driving car technologies.  The center’s purpose will support the development of autonomous technologies.

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Autonomous, hybrid, lightweighting, emerging markets and safety technologies are behind the increased number of innovation centers opened in 2016.  Local partnerships with institutions and trade organizations are leveraged as up and coming automotive professionals and local businesses work together to meet future industry needs.